March 2022 Newsletter

Students Outside

Updates to COVID-19 Policies

Despite the ongoing struggle with COVID-19, our teachers and staff are working tirelessly to create an exciting and interesting school year for students here at the Lakota Waldorf School.  We had to suspend in-person learning several times during the fall semester due to the Oglala Sioux tribal ordinance to control the spread of COVID-19, but this year is off to a better start.

Until the first week of March, the school continued to operate on level red of the tribe’s COVID Chart. This status is the highest and most alarming level. We could only have ten people in one room while maintaining six feet of social distancing and enforcing proper masking. Luckily, we have now returned to the orange level, which is less severe, and our students and staff can finally take a deep breath.

Our On-Campus Construction is Finally Nearing Completion!

The Lakota Waldorf School’s most important project at the moment is our ongoing construction. After a cold winter, during which construction sometimes had to be paused, we are excited to be making good progress on Phase 2 of our Campaign for Campus Expansion. This phase includes a basement, which will also serve as a tornado shelter, offices, a faculty room, and, most importantly, a student cafeteria and a school kitchen. So far, the foundation of the building has been completed. Work is now beginning on framing and roof trusses. It is exciting to see the building growing so quickly! We hope to move into the space at the beginning of the new school year. 

We are proud to announce that we have raised 78% of the funds necessary for Phase 2 of our Campaign for Campus Expansion. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed!

To complete Phase 2, we still need to raise $268,278. Phase 2 is the last and final phase, and we would be very grateful for your continued support. 

Your contribution will help us realize our dream of a permanent home for the Lakota Waldorf School. This goal will allow us to better serve our current students and further expand our capacity to support our community.

The Classroom as an Extended Family Environment

We are excited to share that the Lakota Waldorf School has two teachers who have become mothers since last summer! Fallen Sorbel, our kindergarten teacher, and Caroline Stadnick, our 6-8 grade teacher and school counselor, now bring their babies to work with them. With the support of all teachers and staff, this new addition is working out very well. 

The classroom has become like an extended family environment for our students. While they are participating in class, students can check on the babies and make sure that they are content.

Archery Practice

At the Lakota Waldorf School, our students in grades 4-8 have been practicing archery twice a week. The instructor is our longtime bus driver Robin Janis, who is an excellent archer himself. The students love this sport and are making fast progress!

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