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About In-Kind Gifts

“Our Wish List” (for in-kind donations) is important because it includes carefully selected items that are essential to the education of our students and the general operations of the school.

In-kind donations are non-cash gifts (like those on “Our Wish List”), which are recognized by the IRS for a tax deduction when properly documented.

To receive the proper in-kind contribution receipt for your tax deduction, please contact us ahead via EMAIL – before your donation is ordered or mailed.

Our Mailing Address

All in-kind contributions should be mailed to:

The Lakota Waldorf School
Three Mile Creek Road
P.O.Box 527
Kyle 57752, South Dakota, USA

NOTE: LWS is a plastic-free campus and uses only eco-friendly products.

Pilamaya (“Thank You”) for your giving in this special way.

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Our Wish List

Each item on our wish list below is linked to a supplier’s website. Although we strive to keep these links current, product information may change. Therefore, please feel free to EMAIL us if there is a problem or question about any item you have selected. Lakota Waldorf School is actively working on reducing all plastic waste and ask our donors to help us with this mission.

Classroom Supplies
Kitchen & Healthy Meal Preparation
Cleaning & Personal Hygiene
Children's Clothing
Classroom Furniture/Decor/Organization
Attendance Incentives
Amazon Wishlists
“Please know that all gifts are important – no matter their size, no matter their type – for we are a tuition-free school made possible through the charitable support of donors around the world.”
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Katie Hunter
LWS Donor Relations Associate
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