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Student Registration Forms

To register your child, please download and complete the LWS Registration Forms below. Please deliver or mail the completed Registration Form to the School’s Administration Office. Visit our contact page for the mailing address. 

LWS Calendar

Here is a downloadable version of the LWS Calendar:

Please note that our calendar is updated as needed.

To keep track of current school activities, please sign-up for the LWS E-Newsletter.


Need help? Please feel free to email: or call the school’s administration office at 1 (605) 455-2487.

Art Class
"Wakḣaŋyeza uŋkitḣawapi kiŋ wowaśte, wowicakḣe na wowaḣwala kiŋ hena uŋ ablezapi kte lo."
Our children will be enlightened through goodness, truth, and serenity.
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