March 2023 Newsletter

Kindergarten on Nature Walk
Dear Friends of the Lakota Waldorf Owayawa,

Did you know Owayawa is the Lakota word for school?

We started this year with several severe blizzards accompanied by extreme subzero temperatures and dangerous winds. Luckily, however, we have so far made it through the winter with no major damage, and our students have enjoyed sledding and building snowmen during recess.

Despite the days we had to close school due to the weather, our students are progressing well. They come to campus from three different districts. Most of the students are from the Medicine Root District, Kyle. Others are from Porcupine, Manderson, Ever Green and Sharps Corner. Our two school buses drive between 40-50 miles per bus route, 90-100 miles per bus per day, to bring our students to and from school.

An Update on Construction

We are excited to share that Phase 2 of our construction project is moving forward quickly. We were delayed six months because we had to change the construction company, but Rusty Pucket’s crew has stepped in, and they will work on Phase 2 until it is completed. This is the same local construction company that built our classroom wing in Phase 1, and we are happy to be working with them again!

New Construction 2023
To Finish Our Construction Project We Still Need Your Help!

We are thankful for the progress we are seeing and all the support we have received. Still, despite many reasons to celebrate, our construction project has put an enormous financial strain on the Lakota Waldorf School. Since 2016, the majority of our fundraising efforts have been dedicated to these much-needed campus updates. We are so close to making this dream a reality, but we need your continued support.

We still need to raise $10,000 for lighting and doors, and we are also fundraising for kitchen equipment.

Here are three ways to make a gift:

  1. Use our website’s DONATE page (with PayPal Option)
  2. Visit our GO FUND ME page.
  3. Send a CHECK made to “Lakota Waldorf School” to P.O. Box 527, Three Mile Creek Road, Kyle, SD 57752

Please know that your gift – no matter the size – will help us to transform the lives and future of Lakota students living on one of the poorest Indian reservations in the United States. 

Pilauŋyayapi! (We thank you all) 

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